biological information
Age 75-years-old
(Body age)
(Physically and psychologically)
Species Human ghost
Gender Female
physical attributes
Eye Color Blue
(Color not visible as a ghost)
Hair Color Blonde
(Color not visible as a ghost)
Friends Zoe, Stacy, Valerie, Makamutra
Gabby (Gabrielle Claudette) is a ghost girl.


Gabby appears to be a ghost of a 12-year-old girl. She has light bangs and long hair reaching to below her shoulder level. She has a ghost tail where her legs would be and she wears a shirt with a flower drawing at the front. Her spectral manifestation glows in light-blue or purple from time to time, but can also change in color depending on her mood.

Abilities/Disabilities (Game)

Unlike the others, Gabby naturally floats around instead of walking. Normally, Gabby is able to touch any solid objects unless she chooses not to. In the game, Gabby has energy points instead of hit points. While the ability button is pressed, Gabby is allowed let solid things pass through her, phase through walls, and fly but with the cost of energy. Turning transparent costs less energy per second than phasing through walls and flying. However, she cannot use her phasing abilities when she comes along other entities made of ectoplasm. Walls, enemies, and hazards made of ectoplasm cannot be evaded using her abilities. Yet they have no effect on the other characters. Energy will very slowly recharge over time but can be collected by absorbing fire or lightning. Energy is naturally dropped by enemies when playing as Gabby.


Gabby is a kind-spirited ghost who is regularly considered as a gentle and calm individual. Though she occasionally has a hard time controlling her feelings when caught at a bad time. She often has a happy-go-lucky attitude on things and tends to have impulsive actions and decisions. She was the second youngest child in a family of four children, with two older brothers and a younger sister.