biological information
Age 2000+ years old
(Body age)
13 years old
(Physically and psychologically)
Species Human mummy
Gender Female
physical attributes
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black (Wig)
Friends Zoe, Stacy, Valerie, Gabby
Makamutra or Maka is a preserved and reanimated prepubescent mummy of an ancient Egyptian princess.


Makamutra is a thirteen-year-old Egyptian mummy entirely wrapped in linen bandages with no visible skin exposed. She wears a golden Egyptian necklace and a cobra headdress over her dark short haired wig. Bandages dangle where her left arm is missing, however, she is magically able to move the bandages around as if it were part of her body.

She likes to wear a white kalasiris dress decorated with various jewelry, though she only started to wear it after her resurrection and not while in the sarcophagus.


Maka's past is shrouded in mystery, she was found inside of a sarcophagus displayed in a traveling exhibit that was left alone in the abandoned town they all live in. The other four look up to her for they all know of ancient Egypt, even though none of them seem to know much about its history. She was the last of the four to join the undead group.