Stacy v7
biological information
Age 70-years-old
(Body age)
10 years old
(Physically and psychologically)
Species Human
physical attributes
Eye Color Yellow (glowing orbs)
Hair Color Brown
Friends Zoe, Gabby, Valerie, Makamutra

Stacy is the reanimated skeleton of a child.


Stacy is a small skeleton of a child at about the age of ten. Skin and flesh have long decayed, but the short brown hair on the head still remains. Stacy wears a yellow torn T-shirt, short jeans, and brown boots.

Abilities/Disabilities (Game)

Stacy, like all of the playable characters, cannot die. Only after a high amount of damage will Stacy's bones scatter apart and the player will have to move all the pieces together by moving. Stacy is much like Zoe except for the resistance to fire. Stacy can punch and kick enemies and can pick up any object to use as a weapon. One of the bones can also be used by Stacy as a range or melee weapon.


Stacy remembers nothing from before death. The only memories Stacy have are of the entire time spent undead. Stacy was discovered under a bridge and was found by Zoe in an undead state. Ever since then, Stacy has been good friends with Zoe for quite a while. Not that much is known about Stacy, except for being secretive and mysterious while not with Zoe.