biological information
Age 400-years-old
(Body age)
(Physically and psychologically)
Species Vampire
(Previously human)
Gender Female
physical attributes
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Black
Friends Zoe, Stacy, Gabby, Makamutra
Valerie is (possibly) the fourth playable character in the game.

Appearance Edit

Valerie has pale skin, violet eyes, and short jet black hair with bangs. Her appearance resembles a nine-year-old; she wears a black dress.

Abilities/Disabilities (Game) Edit

Information Edit

She doesn't like being called a vampire bat. She's fully aware of the fact that is a vampire, though she seems to be sensitive about her being able to transform into a bat. This is probably because when Valerie turns into a bat she shrinks out of her clothes, and finds that to be embarrassing.

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