Zombies are a group of monsters that are classified as either corpses that have been brought back to life through witchcraft or living beings that have been infected with a parasitic virus that targets the host's nervous system.

  • Mummies - The term "mummy" initially pertains to an embalmed body and do not necessarily refer to their reanimated forms.They are essentially zombies, except for the fact that they have been preserved prior to their resurrection.

Paranormal zombies

Zombies that apply to this category are corpses that have been brought to life by a necromancer or a witch, some of which are like puppets in which they are under direct control of the sorcerer's magic but don't have a mind of their own. They are commonly used as slaves or to fight in battle.

Virus zombies

Any living organism whose behavior that's been exploited by a parasite or a virus is turned into a zombie, regardless of whether they have died or not. What makes them different from traditional zombies is that they are not corpses that were resurrected by magical means.

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